Goals and Schedule for This Blog

My reason for starting this blog is to supplement my new YouTube channel DreamPhone. It’s tough for me to describe the contents without sounding like a hippie or one of these toxic motivational speakers and writers, but here I go. It’s about lifestyle – a balance of fun, critical thinking, exploration of thought and craft, and dedication. There’s not gonna be anything preachy about it and I’m not looking to share life advice, just a good time. Continue reading


Nightmares for $2.90 a Piece

Recently I’ve been talking about dead and dying media a lot. What inspired this was finding out about a 1-900 hotline that played you Freddy Krueger-themed dead-time stories.

No way this gem from the late 1980’s wouldn’t get you to think about things that just don’t happen anymore. For $2.00 for the first minute, and $0.45 for every following, they had people listen to short voice-acted stories with a variety of spooky sound effects in the background. Continue reading

Chasing Dying Media: Radio

Never properly working with print and broadcast media is something I regret. Radio, newspapers, physical magazines, and especially books and television aren’t dead yet of course, but they’re getting there. It’s not really feasible for people today to seek out a career in most of these fields, and making a hobby out of them seems nearly impossible. It’s still possible to enjoy them for a while, but it might feel the same anymore.

Today I’ll go over radio and compare old to new. Tomorrow I’ll briefly write about newspapers and magazines. Continue reading

Cheat Day Bolognese

I sinned. It’s not irregular to have a cheat day while on a controlled calorie diet, yet I clearly overstepped my boundaries. Bread, pasta, and cheese are my personal demons and I managed to give in to two of these at once. Self-control turns into an impossible challenge with my favourite food around.

It’s the end of the month, so at least I didn’t go all out with the sauce. 500 grams of ground meat (part pork, part beef), a large carrot, some celeriac, and a small leek made the base for the sauce. Continue reading