[Video] Harry Potter and the Goblet of Irrelevancy

New video is out and boy was it a frustrating one to make. I talk about how the fourth Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, does not really add much to the overall story of the series. You can watch it over here or use the embedded player below.

Since this was meant to be about the book and not the film it was kind of tough to find visuals to go with what I had written. Fortunately the old Pottermore had some great artwork showing a lot of the scenes I was going to talk about, so I made liberal use of them. To not just show static images, no matter how good they are, I had to work some editing magic.

If anyone’s familiar with the software used this might also be called “Sony Vegas Pro: The Video” since a lot of basic and recognisable functionality has been used. However, I still think it’s a fair effort for a short discussion-starter like this.

I appreciate any input, be it on the topic of the video or the editing. You can comment here, but I’d appreciate if you could take it over to YouTube.


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