Cheat Day Bolognese

I sinned. It’s not irregular to have a cheat day while on a controlled calorie diet, yet I clearly overstepped my boundaries. Bread, pasta, and cheese are my personal demons and I managed to give in to two of these at once. Self-control turns into an impossible challenge with my favourite food around.

It’s the end of the month, so at least I didn’t go all out with the sauce. 500 grams of ground meat (part pork, part beef), a large carrot, some celeriac, and a small leek made the base for the sauce.

While I was frying up this mix I cooked the pasta, 500 grams of spaghetti, in some lightly salted water. I don’t have it on film, but the way spaghetti are usually packaged here you can just grip the packaging, slam it down on the counter, and hold a perfect fistful of delicious carbohydrates. Stand those up in a pot with boiling water and drop them with a light spin. That way, even if you only have a small pot, you don’t have to worry about manually shoving all the spaghetti in – they’ll “melt” into the water with a smooth spiral movement in a minute or two.

Will definitely get it on video next time.

Anyway, now that the pasta was taken care of I went ahead and ruined the sauce by adding two cans of tomatoes.

Here’s a secret: most red pasta sauces get a lot of their taste from onions and garlic, neither of wich I had on hand. Tomatoes aren’t that tasty (there, I said it) if you wan’t to coat other food in them. My usual tip is to add a liberal amount of sugar and a tiny amount of cinnamon to Bolognese-style sauces. The sugar reduces the acidity and gets rid of the slightly unpleasant aftertaste and cinnamon just makes everything better. Instead of sugar of course you can use a bunch of caramelised onions.

Either way, I went on a rampage of throwing spices into the sauce. Basil, pepper, and thyme mostly. Looked really good, tasted alright.

While the word “acidity” is still fresh in my mind: don’t cook tomato dishes in cast-iron kitchenware if you don’t plan on cleaning it right away.

And that’s it for the fun part of this post. Here’s why I’m fasting today

Ȋ̲̺̘̀ ̠̻̘̳̭̟̝at̼̤ͯͣͥ͋̌̂̚͘e̘̪͈̠ ̳͇̺̬̞̜̉͗ͧ̒ͦ͝å̜͇̺̄̉ͪ̈ͮͦl̥̟͊̑l͉̤̼̪̼͎ͪ̔̅͝ ̳̜͓̱͈͔̆̊ͮͬ͐̕o̹̭͈ͧ̐͊f̡̱͉̲̮̩͑ ̌̂͋ͨ̈́̄̃ͅͅìͮ̏̾̐͗tͧ͋̓ͮͥ̚

Plus a ton of cheese. That’s over 3500 kcal. That used to be my TDEE, but no more. I stay around 1800 a day now to lose weight while still being energetic.

Of course this was not in one sitting but spread out over a day, but the initial plan was to stretch that over two. With pasta, bread, and cheese I just feel like I could eat nearly infinite amounts and still be hungry. I’ll return to not eating these things at all for a while longer – or just buy them in quantities that are alright for consumption within a day.


Debauchery aside, a small serving of this does look nice and appetising.


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