Nightmares for $2.90 a Piece

Recently I’ve been talking about dead and dying media a lot. What inspired this was finding out about a 1-900 hotline that played you Freddy Krueger-themed dead-time stories.

No way this gem from the late 1980’s wouldn’t get you to think about things that just don’t happen anymore. For $2.00 for the first minute, and $0.45 for every following, they had people listen to short voice-acted stories with a variety of spooky sound effects in the background.

Would people still consent to that today? The target audience for things like these were kids and teenagers, and of course they’re not exactly known for carefully budgeting their or their parent’s money properly today either, but I couldn’t see something like this take off again. Maybe as a part of a forth-wall breaking joke or an alternate reality game, but nothing else. Even sex hotlines have at least some interactivity, and those are being phased out by cam sites and other attention-for-money streaming services.

Anyway, if you want to listen to these tales, you’re in luck. According to, then 14-year old Taylor Basinger recorded all available tales, each one averaging around two minutes, on his Darth Vader speaker phone. There’re available right here or in the embedded player below.

Have a spooky old time and remember to watch your calcium levels.


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