Goals and Schedule for This Blog

My reason for starting this blog is to supplement my new YouTube channel DreamPhone. It’s tough for me to describe the contents without sounding like a hippie or one of these toxic motivational speakers and writers, but here I go. It’s about lifestyle – a balance of fun, critical thinking, exploration of thought and craft, and dedication. There’s not gonna be anything preachy about it and I’m not looking to share life advice, just a good time.

DreamPhone is a departure from my usual creative projects that largely focused on critique and citizen journalism of sorts. There’s gonna be some fluff and vloggy content, but I’ll make sure to provide at least some added value to even the most mundane things.

Stray thoughts that might not warrant a discussion or a video essay but only some introspective, commentary on entertainment, random observations I made throughout the day. I might just be sharing what I ate one day. There’s always more to even simple things, so look forward to an anecdote or two. There are always things to think about or to overthink, so why not make it an exercise in productivity?

I’ll publish a new post at least four times a week, plus another one accompanying the video I scheduled for that week. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes of video production on any scale, and talking about it can only improve things for everyone involved in the craft.

Let’s roll

Featured image “Power of Words” by Antonio Litterio



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