Losing Weight Isn’t Fun. Not Caring About Macros on the Other Hand…

Usually people who actively care about their health avoid processed food and count their macronutrients just as much as the overall calorie count, but if you’re on a strict cut and feel like garbage that hasn’t been taken out in a month anyway, sometimes convenience just trumps everything.

My meals today were two servings of salad (batavia lettuce, rucola, red chard) with breaded fried chicken and feta.

I bought the chicken breaded and cooked. I seared it in a frying pan a bit to make it look nicer and that was that. Sounds iffy, but for €1,99 I can’t really say no to 300 grams of alright-tasting 600 kcal that are ready to eat as soon as you open the packaging.

The salad mix (80 grams overall) was prepackaged also. I used to really not like these because they don’t keep for longer than a few hours even if properly refrigerated, but I came around. I don’t eat salad every day, so the money I’d save buying on individual “modules” would be wasted on excess produce rotting away in my fridge. It’s also pre-washed, so I save another step.

The feta was 200 grams of actual feta, not that cow milk knockoff stuff that’s being sold everywhere in German grocery stores and supermarkets. Costs around double, tastes around five times better.


I dressed the entire thing in oil, vinegar, and assorted herbs. Not counting the oil, each of my two servings set me back around 612 kcal.

Throughout the day I also snacked on some potato chips with sour cream and onion flavouring. I know I favour British spelling most of the time, but crisps are just called “chips” over here, so I can’t help myself.

150 grams of those set me back another 650 calories or so, so that’s a 1862 kcal day right there.

The hot weather also inspired my decision to buy a soft drink or another. I will never call a pop, a fizzy drink, or a soda. Usually I go with store brand low calorie variants, but for some reason they weren’t in stock today. Sprang for the pricier Coke ZeroⓇ which I drank out of my McDonald’sⓇ-bought Coca ColaⓇ glass.

This post isn’t sponsored by them or anything, but the quick photo I snapped before diving into the stuff turned out really bad, so I felt guilty and wanted to waste your time with something that’s not looking at a nice image.


Pictured above are very fast snacks standing at incredibly hihg speed

That said, hey Coke! How about contacting me about some brand deals? My face on a can of no-calorie cherry cola can only make you money.


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