New Video Delayed

I messed up. Things haven’t been on track for a few days, but I thought I could catch up. Turns out I couldn’t.

Most of the shots just aren’t usable. There’s bad lighting, bad framing, and playing with the auto focus turned out largely disastrous. I’ve limited myself to shooting clips for this video after sundown for more consistency. This means I couldn’t just hustle the day away and make up for it.

It’s gonna be pushed back to next week. This gives me the chance to try a different day and time for the upload, so it’s not all bad. Surely it makes little difference for the SEO, and with 5 subscribers it’s not exactly a matter of keeping subscriber retention up, but that’s the only possible positive spin I can put on it…

Since I still have a fair amount of free sunlight this week I’m aiming to film (and possibly edit and upload) an additional video. It’s a simple, somewhat gimmicky series I hoped to squeeze in between my weekly uploads for a while now. Who knows though, maybe I’ll enjoy making this and turn it into a “full” release.

To not leave my favourite bots hanging, the working title for the upcoming video is “My Addiction”, the featured image at the top of this page being one of the only salvageable shots from it.


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