Progress in Progress

There’s something about creative work that always bothered me. While producing any type of content for the low end of the popularity curve it rarely feels rewarding to get things done. What feels even less rewarding is not getting things done. But what is “not getting things done” really?

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I Don’t Like My Writing

And I don’t know how to improve. Writing every day seems to steady my discipline, but that’s about it.

It feels like everything else you can overthink. Instead of getting into it I freeze up due to either thought loops or trying to keep the actual act of typing up with my head that’s eight steps ahead and already thinking about worst-case scenarios. The approach isn’t wrong, but this isn’t driven by deliberate improvement but anxiety. With everything else it’s always been solvable once I recognised that pattern, but writing still brings out my worst qualities.

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New Video Delayed

I messed up. Things haven’t been on track for a few days, but I thought I could catch up. Turns out I couldn’t.

Most of the shots just aren’t usable. There’s bad lighting, bad framing, and playing with the auto focus turned out largely disastrous. I’ve limited myself to shooting clips for this video after sundown for more consistency. This means I couldn’t just hustle the day away and make up for it.

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Listening to Music While Doing Creative Work //

This question comes up again and again: do you listen to music while writing or otherwise working?

People will fight over whether or not this increases productivity or stunts it to such a big extend that they could’ve written a book in the time spent arguing with strangers on the internet. Studies and anecdotes get tossed around, but it’s all in vain. At the end of the day everyone has their preferences. With experience, we should all be able to determine what works best. Especially writing is a process that can be vastly different from occupation to occupation and especially person to person.

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[Video] Avocado and Tomato Pasta Casserole :: Production Notes

Depending on certain circumstances it can be a bit too expensive to shop for and cook a full-blown meal near the end of a month. This doesn’t mean you have to eat Ramen or rice with beans all the time though, you just have to manage your resources.

There are a few internet sites out there that let you enter what kind of ingredients you have at home and shows you fitting recipes. These are always helpful, but with my recent end-of-the-month meal I just went freestyle.

Now the the fun part, the production process and what I learned.

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Losing Weight Isn’t Fun. Not Caring About Macros on the Other Hand…

Usually people who actively care about their health avoid processed food and count their macronutrients just as much as the overall calorie count, but if you’re on a strict cut and feel like garbage that hasn’t been taken out in a month anyway, sometimes convenience just trumps everything.

My meals today were two servings of salad (batavia lettuce, rucola, red chard) with breaded fried chicken and feta.

I bought the chicken breaded and cooked. I seared it in a frying pan a bit to make it look nicer and that was that. Sounds iffy, but for €1,99 I can’t really say no to 300 grams of alright-tasting 600 kcal that are ready to eat as soon as you open the packaging. Continue reading

Goals and Schedule for This Blog

My reason for starting this blog is to supplement my new YouTube channel DreamPhone. It’s tough for me to describe the contents without sounding like a hippie or one of these toxic motivational speakers and writers, but here I go. It’s about lifestyle – a balance of fun, critical thinking, exploration of thought and craft, and dedication. There’s not gonna be anything preachy about it and I’m not looking to share life advice, just a good time. Continue reading

Nightmares for $2.90 a Piece

Recently I’ve been talking about dead and dying media a lot. What inspired this was finding out about a 1-900 hotline that played you Freddy Krueger-themed dead-time stories.

No way this gem from the late 1980’s wouldn’t get you to think about things that just don’t happen anymore. For $2.00 for the first minute, and $0.45 for every following, they had people listen to short voice-acted stories with a variety of spooky sound effects in the background. Continue reading