Nightmares for $2.90 a Piece

Recently I’ve been talking about dead and dying media a lot. What inspired this was finding out about a 1-900 hotline that played you Freddy Krueger-themed dead-time stories.

No way this gem from the late 1980’s wouldn’t get you to think about things that just don’t happen anymore. For $2.00 for the first minute, and $0.45 for every following, they had people listen to short voice-acted stories with a variety of spooky sound effects in the background. Continue reading

Chasing Dying Media: Radio

Never properly working with print and broadcast media is something I regret. Radio, newspapers, physical magazines, and especially books and television aren’t dead yet of course, but they’re getting there. It’s not really feasible for people today to seek out a career in most of these fields, and making a hobby out of them seems nearly impossible. It’s still possible to enjoy them for a while, but it might feel the same anymore.

Today I’ll go over radio and compare old to new. Tomorrow I’ll briefly write about newspapers and magazines. Continue reading