[Video] Avocado and Tomato Pasta Casserole :: Production Notes

Depending on certain circumstances it can be a bit too expensive to shop for and cook a full-blown meal near the end of a month. This doesn’t mean you have to eat Ramen or rice with beans all the time though, you just have to manage your resources.

There are a few internet sites out there that let you enter what kind of ingredients you have at home and shows you fitting recipes. These are always helpful, but with my recent end-of-the-month meal I just went freestyle.

Now the the fun part, the production process and what I learned.

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Losing Weight Isn’t Fun. Not Caring About Macros on the Other Hand…

Usually people who actively care about their health avoid processed food and count their macronutrients just as much as the overall calorie count, but if you’re on a strict cut and feel like garbage that hasn’t been taken out in a month anyway, sometimes convenience just trumps everything.

My meals today were two servings of salad (batavia lettuce, rucola, red chard) with breaded fried chicken and feta.

I bought the chicken breaded and cooked. I seared it in a frying pan a bit to make it look nicer and that was that. Sounds iffy, but for €1,99 I can’t really say no to 300 grams of alright-tasting 600 kcal that are ready to eat as soon as you open the packaging. Continue reading

Cheat Day Bolognese

I sinned. It’s not irregular to have a cheat day while on a controlled calorie diet, yet I clearly overstepped my boundaries. Bread, pasta, and cheese are my personal demons and I managed to give in to two of these at once. Self-control turns into an impossible challenge with my favourite food around.

It’s the end of the month, so at least I didn’t go all out with the sauce. 500 grams of ground meat (part pork, part beef), a large carrot, some celeriac, and a small leek made the base for the sauce. Continue reading